PROJECT: Total Wine Freestanding Display
CLIENT: Bambeco

Bambeco, a premier sustainable home goods brand, teamed up with Axis Display Group to design and produce an environmentally-conscious, freestanding display for their retail partner Total Wine. Each and every Bambeco product utilizes materials that are reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, recycled, regenerated, natural, or organic. Their commitment to sustainability combined with Axis Display Group’s Green Initiative made this project a perfect fit.

Bambeco’s overall goal was to create a sleek, natural-looking, functional display that had minimal impact on the environment at each and every phase of development. The display was to be used near checkout counters within Total Wine retail locations, and displayed Bambeco products (wine glasses, sangria pitchers, tumblers, etc.) designed to accentuate the wine-tasting experience, therefore encouraging consumer impulse buys.

Axis worked directly with Bambeco’s design, sales, marketing, and chief sustainability officer to achieve this vision. By adhering to Axis’ Green Initiative model, time was taken to consult with waste management personnel to ensure the most sustainable materials were used and responsibly sourced. Additionally, Axis set guidelines and regulations for all parties involved in manufacturing, transportation/logistics, and end-of-life cycle.  Everything was scrutinized - from the FSC certified plywood, to the stain, to the packaging. The solution was a display utilizing the greenest of materials and leanest of manufacturing processes.

Production: 200 units

Design Objectives:

  • Sleek, minimalistic design
  • Must look as “natural” as possible (visible weld marks, wood, etc.)
  • Highly eco-friendly
  • Portable and easy to move around retailer as needed
  • Ready-to-assemble, simple store set-up
  • Balanced product presentation focused on provoking impulse buy near cash stations

Materials & Components:

  • FSC certified birch veneer plywood (sourced responsibly)
  • Water-based ink
  • Water-based stain
  • Clear powdercoating
  • Recycled caster (wheel) material and other repurposed materials


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