Sheila McKay, Marketing & Research Specialist

What do you get when you combine an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a never-ending quest for perfection, and downright freakish organizational skills? We quickly realized when we first met Sheila that she not only possessed all of these abilities, but had the enthusiasm and energy to carry them out. 

Sheila holds a degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in business and psychology. She was a consultant for the Student Involvement Department of the University of Nebraska, as well as a Business Manager for the Nebraska State Auditor's office. More recently, Sheila worked as a Digital Marketing Analyst in the advertising field where she continued to hone her skills into valuable assets. 

Sheila will work as a Marketing and Research Specialist to ensure client projects are accurately researched and targets properly identified. She will spend ample time studying consumer behavior and buying patterns, gathering insights on industry trends, and conducting market research. Additionally, she will drive the marketing and social media side of Axis Display Group, constantly creating, tracking, and measuring content relevant to the retail world. 

When Sheila isn't consumed with analyzing everything and everyone around her, you can find her traveling, writing, bargain hunting, and storm chasing. 

Some may consider Sheila a bit of an outlier, but as a group that possesses somewhat atypical skillets, we feel she fits the culture at AXIS perfectly. We are pleased to introduce you to Sheila, and we welcome her to our team!