We are pleased to announce the recent hire of Rudy Rudolph a multi-faceted, 28-year industry veteran, who will join our Strategic Partnerships Team as Director, New Business Development - West Coast.

Rudy, trademarked by his entrepreneurial spirt, comes to AXIS with tremendous experience in sales, marketing, and new business development for some of the premiere full-service producer-supplier companies in the in-store marketing and retail merchandising services industry. Rudy is highly skilled in navigating the development of customized retail displays and fixtures, branded in-store environments, and interactive consumer retail experiences utilizing A/V technologies.

Throughout his industry tenure, Rudy has cultivated meaningful relationships with world-class consumer product companies and their retail partners, and is responsible for rolling out major programs with Disney, Nike, JBL, Nintendo, Callaway, Suzuki, Redken, Warner Brothers, Ping, Harman Kardon, and Toyota. Are you beginning to see why we like him?

“For me, the passion comes from wanting to be of value and service while creatively finding solutions that make everyone’s life better. The process is the destination. It starts with a blank page that the Teams bring to life every day. Retail merchandising requires more than just filling up a space or building a box to hold stuff; it’s all about understanding shopper motivations, brand personality, and retail environment. The future of retail merchandising insists that we keep drilling down on the data, and continue to deliver break-through, innovative solutions that keep shoppers coming back for more.”

- Rudy Rudolph

Never one to shy away from risk, Rudy also served as VP of Sales & Marketing for a venture capital Silicon Valley startup firm credited in launching the first network of place-based, free-standing interactive touch screen kiosks for mall environments, comprised of in-store marketing, online purchasing, sales promotion, and advertising functions.

As Strategic Partnership Development with Axis Display Group, Rudy will use his vast industry knowledge to ignite conversations and develop strong relationships with West Coast brands and retailers ready to take their retail marketing initiatives to new levels.

“West Coast consumer product companies and retailers are a unique and demanding group requiring intelligent, strategic, upfront research, amazing creative solutions, and flawless back-end production execution and implementation. They expect and deserve to BE GREAT! I am excited about introducing Axis Display Group, truly the world’s first displagency, to the companies that could benefit from their unique model most.” -Rudy Rudolph

“We are excited about Rudy joining our team.  AXIS wants to spread our love for great retail to the West Coast and he will surely be the catalyst to make that happen. Rudy's tactical persistence will open doors and his 20+ years of industry experience will make him a quick and trusted resource for our prospects and client partners.” -Neil Thomas

Prior to his involvement in the retail industry, Rudy’s desire to educate and provide genuine care to whomever he encounters facilitated an early career in the school systems, serving first as a high school social studies teacher, and then as a psychology-based guidance counselor.

Rudy will work from AXIS’ remote, sunny Los Angeles office, ensuring ample time to enjoy the SoCal lifestyle with his wife, two millennial daughters and their families. Rudy, like much of Team AXIS also plays guitar, loves golf, and is on a mission to make the world of P-O-P more engaging and exciting for all.

Help us welcome Rudy to the team, ask him a question, or set up a time to meet.