retail score card


Managing retail is tough – albeit exciting – stuff.

When you’re in the thick of it day in and day out, we understand how easy it is for good retail to become “good enough.”

Our mission is to help our partners connect, enhance, and elevate their entire retail system so more time and energy can be focused on what matters most – your customers. 

We’ve created a resource inviting you to consider how well your retail currently functions according to the following categories: Retail Strategy & Design, Retail Production & Logistics, and Retail Support.

You have two ways to complete the form:

  1. Scroll down and complete the questionnaire directly from this webpage. Click submit. We’ll send you a copy of your results.

  2. Skip filling it out online and click the DOWNLOAD button below. You’ll get an editable PDF version which you can fill out and save for your personal use. Our one request? Email a copy back to us! We won’t use it to solicit you, but do enjoy learning from our peers.



For each statement, rank the degree to which you agree or disagree:
My company’s retail does an excellent job capturing consumers’ attention.
My company’s mission and purpose comes to life through the in-store experience.
My company’s brand story is present in each and every decision made within the retail space – from graphics and fixtures, to lighting and technology.
Market research and shopper insights were key forces in driving the design behind my company’s current retail program.
My company considered the efforts and opinions of internal departments outside of Retail Development when planning our current retail program (e.g. Sales, Social Media, Digital Marketing, etc.)
My company’s retail successfully caters to customers who visit the store for reasons other than making purchases.
My company’s retail channels function as a seamless system, promoting frictionless shopping no matter the touch point or point of purchase.
My company’s current retail is better than our top three competitors’ retail.


For each statement, rank the degree to which you agree or disagree:
Currently, my company’s retail program is highly scalable and customizable to the varying needs of multiple channels and retail settings.
In general, my company’s retail projects and programs get completed on-time.
In general, my company’s retail projects and programs stay within budget.
In general, my company’s retail projects and programs are produced with high-quality materials that withstand normal wear and tear without losing aesthetic.
As a rule, sustainability and green practices are taken into consideration throughout the retail project’s life cycle (concept to end-of-life).

Retail Support

For each statement, rank the degree to which you agree or disagree:
Once a retail program is implemented, my company always measures and tracks its performance criteria.
It is always clear which KPIs need to be tracked in order to understand true ROI.
If a retail program is not performing on par, my company makes the necessary adjustments immediately.
If something breaks on the floor, we know exactly who to call, how to put in a maintenance request, or how to easily re-order a part.
My company’s current retail program includes after implementation support, such as merchandising guidelines and store planning resources.
My company’s current retail program offers store associates and/or dealers training on how to best utilize the available retail parts (displays, signage, interactive kiosks, planograms, etc.) to assist the customer and enhance the overall in-store experience.
Currently, there is a systemic process in place to ensure each retail location is upholding current brand standards and other compliance criteria.
If a retail location is not upholding brand standards, a system is in place to rectify the issue and ensure each location has what it needs to be successful in its market.
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