PROJECT: Surface pro alcantara display
CLIENT: microsoft

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Over the past 40 years, Microsoft’s innovative product technologies have helped form the backbone of the tech-savvy society we live in today.

Through each product development and service offered, Microsoft maintains a level of luxury, class, and sophistication.

In 2013, Microsoft launched their Surface Pro, a line that is still in production today. Numerous accessories and services were developed to enhance the usability and experience of Surface Pro products. AXIS teamed up with Microsoft to design and produce a multi-faceted retail solution for the display and advertisement of their Signature Type Covers for the Surface Pro 4. These type covers utilize a unique material sourced from Italy known as Alcantara. Alcantara is an easy to care for, extremely durable and resistant, yet soft and sophisticated, material perfect for protecting devices from daily wear and tear while encouraging the expression of personal style.

The Ask:

Put together a scope of work covering design, creative, and prototypes for the following Alcantara retail items:

  • Tabletop displays and accompanying product signage
  • Large placemats for display

Design Considerations:

  • Solution must be compatible with existing store environment
  • Alcantara material must be incorporated into all displays/fixtures; focus on showcasing Alcantara features and benefits
  • Tabletop displays should be able to house brochures and product information
  • Proposed allocation quantity = 30  


Axis designed and produced a collection of custom placemats, tabletop displays, and backlit signage/stands for all 110 US and Australian corporate stores, as well as Microsoft’s Flagship Store. Each element included graphic components, product display, and utilized the Alcantara material in the design.

Materials & Components:

  • Acrylic; clear acrylic
  • Wilsonart Avonite 
  • Metal
  • Vac-formed Alcantara
  • Neoprene rubber mat w/ adhesive
  • LED lighting
  • Graphics - magnetic and interchangeable 

Header PC: Microsoft

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