Axis Display Group honored at the 2017 ICX Summit for
work with NEXT/NOW Agency.

Axis Display Group ICX Award 2017.jpg

CHICAGO: On June 7th, in conjunction with digital experiential marketing agency NEXT/NOW, Axis Display Group received the Deployment of the Year - Retail award at the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) 2017 Summit in Dallas, TX.

This honor is given to best in class projects showcasing innovation, creativity, and design prowess in the use of technology that enhances the overall customer experience. The Elevate Awards were judged by a panel of industry experts and journalists.

Managing Director of the ICX Association, Christopher Hall, wrote in an article: “The award winners again this year exemplified the kind of creative, innovative and imaginative customer experiences that brands are going to have to emulate to stay relevant in an ever more competitive and fractured market. Retail, especially, is at an inflection point and will need this kind of forward-thinking work.”

Work for Trek’s Precision Fit Rider Analysis Tool was submitted on behalf of Axis Display Group by NEXT/NOW.  This interactive fixture uses augmented reality to assist cyclists in securing the proper bicycle fit through motion tracking. Custom purchasing recommendations and complementary accessory options were made available to the consumer as well.

"NEXT/NOW feels very fortunate to be a part of this project. Our partnership with Axis Display Group was seamless, and collectively, we were able to deliver an award-winning product that solves real issues for Trek," noted Alan Hughes, founder and CCO of NEXT/NOW.

“The recognition of this great work is truly appreciated. Of course the display is gorgeous, but the true beauty lies within the multiple ways it complements the customer’s journey at critical points along the buying and decision-making process,” said Ellette Thomas, President of Axis Display Group. “Sales associates love it, and it makes for some very happy customers, too.”

Judges comments:

  • “A truly innovative kiosk use case. This is a retail environment that requires a high level of customer service, and this concept makes the customer experience more efficient with the use of a kiosk.”
  • “I wish I’d been able to use one of these when I bought my bike!”

As retail continues to evolve, and consumers expect custom, personalized experiences, technology utilization such as this will become a commonplace. Contact Axis Display Group for more information.

About Axis Display Group, Inc.: Axis Display Group is an award-winning Chicago-based retail design, display, and store fixture company. Founded in 2010, Axis Display Group produces end-to-end retail marketing solutions for some of the world’s most recognizable retailers and brands. With over 2.5 million square feet in manufacturing and warehousing space and decades of advertising agency design experience, Axis Display Group presents retail marketing solutions that are unlike any others. Explore their latest projects at

About NEXT/NOW: NEXT/NOW is an award-winning interactive experiential agency, focused on creating next-generation digital/physical activated spaces and experiences for leading brands, retailers, and exhibits. To learn more about NEXT/NOW’s unique style of disruptive brand activations, explore their website at

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