Great retail is in the AXIS DNA. Meet the core team that makes it all possible. 

In addition to the CORE team, the full AXIS operation combines the talent of many individuals, ranging from project managers, designers, and engineers, as well as manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and installation specialists. We partner with industry experts across the nation, making AXIS one of the strongest teams in the business.

Ellette Thomas

Ellette Thomas, President

Ellette is the proverbial glue that binds the team together. She is a talented multi-tasker, bringing organization and clarity to even the most complex situations. She meets every challenge head on with energetic enthusiasm. Family is at the heart of Ellette’s motivation to do great work, and her compassion brings many into her family network.

Right Brain Activity: 49.9%
Left Brain Activity: 50.1%
Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, sewing, picnics, art, pilates, and outdoor activities.

Neil Thomas

Neil Thomas, Executive Vice President

Neil’s commitment to detail is unmatched. From glowing client relationships to an understanding of project management, his skill-set is unique. He’s a visionary with expertise in design, processes, materials, timing, and costs. These assets make him a perfect conduit for communicating between AXIS and our clients.

Right Brain Activity: 50%
Left Brain Activity: 50%
Hobbies: Bike racing, cooking, and playing guitar

Dean Struck

Dean Struck, Strategic Partnership Development

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the retail manufacturing, engineering, and POP display industries, Dean has a knack for navigating even the most head-scratching retail conundrums. His ability to seamlessly switch from project manager to engineering expert to master manufacturer, enables him to serve up often overlooked and downright smart solutions to his clients.

Right Brain Activity: 40%
Left Brain Activity: 60%
Hobbies: Anything outdoors - especially water sports, hiking, travel, photography, and guitar

Scott Schwalbach

Scott Schwalbach, Creative Director

Scott’s understanding of form, function, space, and style give him the perfect tools to excel in retail display and design. In addition to his experience in retail, his years of working in advertising and marketing add copywriting and account management to his list of credentials as well. These capabilities are rarely offered by display companies and enable AXIS to have a deeper understanding of client markets while enabling symbiotic relationships with 2D agencies.  

Right Brain Activity: 75%
Left Brain Activity: 25%
Hobbies: DIY

Sheila McKay

Sheila McKay, Marketing & Research Manager

Sheila's mind never rests. She is always learning, always teaching. From spearheading market research and branding efforts for our clients, to crafting articles, stories, and marketing content for our own brand, Sheila always gives it 100%. Her experience in business communication, psychology, and the arts gives her a well-rounded perspective our clients find refreshingly useful.  

Right Brain Activity: 35%
Left Brain Activity: 65%
Hobbies: Traveling, bargain hunting, storm chasing, and creative writing


Bart Chin, Customer Experience & Retail Design

Bart is one of the most creative, crazy, fun, and brilliant people you will ever work with. Inspired by life, he differentiates himself from the crowd and will do the same for your brand. His energy, zest for life, and vast experiences are zen-like and translate into brilliant retail design that delivers impact.

Right Brain Activity: 70%
Left Brain Activity: 30%
Hobbies: Surfing, yoga, and cooking


Mick Ricereto, Design Mechanic

Mick's enthusiasm for design results in a steady flow of creativity aimed at finding solutions for any design problem. His thorough understanding of materials and processes is balanced with prolific ideation. Demonstrating an unparalleled grasp of user stories, Mick immerses himself in a brand's culture to make well-informed decisions, both for individual consumer objects and whole environment designs.

Right Brain Activity: 75%
Left Brain Activity: 25%
Hobbies: Cycling, nature, jazz piano, and adventure

Kristina Olsen Bloom

Kristina Olsen-Bloom, Senior Project Manager

Kristina gets things done. Pre-law student turned process powerhouse, Kristina has the experience, insight, and gumption to turn even the most convoluted and multi-faceted projects into manageable systems of communication. She is a promoter of positivity, an encourager in times of setback, and a person who is dependable beyond measure.

Right Brain Activity: 45%
Left Brain Activity: 55%
Hobbies: Dancing, history, reading, photography, coaching Cheerleading, Poms, and Dance, and mentoring young women 




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