HIGH-TECH RETAILING IS BECOMING THE NORM...but technology just for technology's sake is not the answer.

Today's overly saturated consumer is the shared challenge among retailers, brands, and suppliers. Their paths to purchase are no longer linear. They are unpredictable, highly sensitive to external factors, and have the power to control (or be controlled by) a rapidly evolving technological landscape. 

Keeping up with advancements in retail technology can be daunting.

How do you stay educated? How do you know which forms of technology your customers will best respond to? Should you try and incorporate all of those into your retail program? At what cost?

These are some of the topics explored in AXIS & Shop! Association’s new white paper: “Retail Without Boundaries: Thoughtful integration of technology to create relevant and impactful retail programs.”

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ROI does not need to be a guessing game.

When you begin creating your retail programs by first understanding the challenges, motivations, and conveniences consumers experience and have come to expect throughout their shopping journeys, knowing which technologies to include (or not include) becomes easier.

The result? Retail that enhances overall brand experience, creates lasting impressions, and increases the likelihood to purchase - no matter where that transaction will ultimately occur.