We’re excited to announce the launching of a brand new division of Axis Display Group: Retailwerx. Retailwerx is a retail support division built to explore, manage, and support the B2B dynamics between brands, retail channels, and their sales teams that ultimately make or break the true success of any retail program.


“Great retail doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning, extraordinary commitment, and resources to create the kind of program that leads to lasting success. Late in 2018, after 25 years in retail and retail marketing, I began seriously considering the need for increased support from brands to their retailers,” says Jeremy McKinley, Director of Retail Success for Axis Display Group & founder of Retailwerx (previously of Trek Bicycle). “I’ve always been motivated by teaching, so I love when there’s a chance to teach brands how make their retailers better business owners - because when you do that, it’s a win for all.”


Retailwerx is more than a post-project implementation tracking and support system. It’s uniquely designed to uncover project pitfalls and discrepancies early on, and create structure and organization in areas such as project communication, merchandising and inventory support, distribution planning, rapid assessment, associate training, and more.


“Retail is not a set it and forget it environment. There are many obstacles - hidden obstacles - that challenge even the most beautifully designed, well-executed programs. Retailwerx exists to predict and remove those obstacles - allowing retail investments to provide maximum results and maximum return throughout their life cycles,” comments Neil Thomas, co-founder of Axis Display Group.


As a division of Axis Display Group, Retailwerx is strategically developed to adapt to the varying needs of all current and future AXIS clientele, providing brands and retailers with solutions for fixture projects and non-fixture projects alike.


“But, it’s also important to note that Retailwerx is not exclusive to AXIS clients,” explains Thomas. “We’re honored to work on programs that are not designed, produced, or implemented by AXIS just the same.”


In this way, Retailwerx can also operate as a service of its own, acting as a consultant and solution-provider for brand and retail clients looking to improve upon the functionality, durability, and longevity of existing retail programs, or for those who are looking to better manage and maintain upcoming retail projects of any kind.


“With Retailwerx, we have the ability to offer a customized suite of services to companies regardless of their fixture needs. We’re fit to jump in at project kickoff, filter in to help manage during development, or assess what’s already been done and plan for improvements and continued success. The options are limitless, whether fixtures are involved or not” explains McKinley.


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